Leaders make time to read

Effective leaders need to make time to read. The mind must be re-invigorated with new ideas and perspectives. Do not give in to the temptation of “pleasure” just read. Send surveys to parents, faculty, and education stakeholders! Ask intensive questions to discover areas of power and weakness.

Plan. Someone said well that “if you fail to plan, you have to plan to fail.” The actual planning time in the summer months will bring success during the school year.

Stop the world. Try to find at least two different 2-3 day intervals in which you can “disconnect” your email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Saturdays and Sundays are not considered.

Revision. Look back in the last year. What worked? What not? Learn both from success and from failures.

Listen. Spend some time talking to faculty and parents. Expand your horizons. That’s right! Do something new. Maybe something you wanted to do, but you did not have time to watch. Look for something that will allow you to relax without spending much time or demanding time.

Grow. Whether you are taking a grade class, developing new technology skills or putting a certain skill or object, you do not see the summer as a time to “come out.” Growth makes you stronger and you pay big dividends in the coming months.

Write. May start with something small – an article on the school site, a blogpost (be a guest writer). The part of leaving a mark makes a mark (literally). Writing is an exercise that can benefit both the person who has done it and the listener. Take the plunger and write.

Chill. I can not believe I said it, not because I do not like it, but because I do not normally use that term. It is very important for educators to use the summer break to enjoy a family holiday. Even if you do not travel to a distant country, take time to “chill!”