Worshiping God when you are hurt

The story of Job is in the Bible because of a question, “Would I love God if all went wrong in my life? ”
Rick Warren

All experience life-hurting experiences, even those in the ministry. These wounds can be physical, spiritual, emotional or relational; May be in your life now or will appear soon. So, what do we do when we’re hurt? Adore. It’s the only antidote to our pain.

Job is a great example of this. He lost everything – his wealth, family, friends and health – in a 24-hour period. In a single day, Job goes from hero to nothing. Throughout the book of Job, we see a man who is deeply hurt: physically, relationally and emotionally. Even so, the book tells the story of how Job worshiped God, instead of becoming bitter. How you do it? How to connect with God in the midst of a crisis in your life? Many of you have had a crisis this week. Others have been carrying their wounds for life and have not yet been able to get rid of them. To worship in this pain, you need to:

1. Feel the pain. Tell God exactly how you feel. You need to put out all your feelings. When you share your feelings with God, when you entrust to Him your pain, you are worshiping – even when these feelings are negative.
Job expressed his pain to God. Job 1:20 says, “When Job heard this, he arose, and rent his robe, and shaved his head. Then he fell on his face in worship. ” In the ancient Middle East, this is what people did when they wanted to show frustration, anger or deep sadness – they tore their clothes.

God did not make our bodies to deal with negative emotions. God never created them for that. When we swallow our emotions, our stomach feels.
So the first thing you should do when going through a painful experience in your life is: confess. Tell God you did not like what happened – I hated it! Do not worry. God can handle it.

2. Praise God. After you go through suffering, praise God, regardless of your circumstances. Do not thank God for your problems, but thank Him in the midst of your problems.
Job’s story is in the Bible because of a question, “Would I love God if all went wrong in my life?” Would I love it? It’s easy to worship God when everything happens my way. It’s easy to be a Christian in good times.
But what happens when everything goes wrong in your life? Would you still trust God? This is the final test of faith. You will be tested. This is guaranteed. Somewhere in your life, everything will shatter.
Even so, there are still many things we can praise God for, even when life is hard. I used to think that life was mountains and valleys – flowers and streams. But the more I live, the more I realize that this is not the reality. There is no time in your life when everything is perfect. And there is not a time in your life when things go wrong. Actually, life is more like two rails on a railroad. One of them is the good things in your life and the other are the bad things. You have both of them all the time.
Job has chosen to thank God, despite his pain – and you can do that, too.

3. Ask God for wisdom and strength. When we are hurt more than anything, we need the wisdom and strength to know what to do and have the power to do it. Throughout his history, Job depended on God for wisdom and strength.
You do not think clearly when you’re hurt. You start to have silly thoughts, such as retaliation and rematch. You need wisdom. The Bible says the following: “Yet God is wise and powerful; He has intelligence and understanding. (Job 12.13 NLT)
You also need strength – the power to do the right thing. Psalm 37:39 says, “The Lord God saves from danger those who are good and protects them in times of affliction.”
I do not know what kind of problem you are facing right now, but I know God is waiting to strengthen you. When you become a follower of Jesus Christ, you will have exactly the same problems you had before following Him. You are not exempt! But now have the wisdom and strength of God available to you, so … ask Him!