Bachelor of Studies – Online Diploma Programs

Overview & Purpose

A Bachelor of Studies - Online Diploma Programs from Genesis University (GU) offers you a strong foundation in many disciplines and will guide you through the major theological themes in the Bible and equip you to various ministry positions, missions, social service, personal spiritual development, and written and oral communication and critical skills.  GU Online Diploma Programs enhances your knowledge and competency in spiritual and professional growth through advanced biblical, theological, and ministerial education.  Upon completion of this comprehensive courses program and once you pass your final exam, you will receive your Bachelor's Diploma.

The registration and tuition are FREE and the total cost of the entire program is just an administrative fee of only $450 and upon completion, you will receive your Bachelor's Diploma.


Genesis University admits all students who desire to study in a spiritually disciplined atmosphere, and who is in agreement with Genesis University’s terms and conditions, ethical standards, educational philosophy, and objectives of the Institution.  Genesis University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnicity in its admissions policies, employment policies, administrative policies, and scholarship and loan programs.

The privilege of attending Genesis University is contingent upon the student’s full cooperation and agreement with the policies and principles of the Institution.  The school reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any student who does not fit in with the spirit of the Institution, regardless of whether or not he/she conforms to all specific rules and regulations of the University.

Grading Scale

Genesis University provides the following Grading Scale:

PA Pass with distinction 90-100%
P Pass 60-89%
I Incomplete 50-59
F Failed 0-49%

Program Assignments

  1. Read the content of the assigned material, watch and/or listen to video and audio lectures.
  2. Use the discussion forum to ask questions and exchange ideas with others.
  3. Prepare carefully before starting the final exam, which will be open-book/open-notes and consists of 50 multiple choice and true/false questions, and have a time limit of 2 hour and 30 minutes.

Note: In order to pass, your average grade for the final exam must be at least 60%.  Otherwise, you will fail and will receive no credit.  If you fail your final exam, you can take it 3 more times for a charge of $25 per try.

Educational Programs

Every academic program is divided into three basic parts and our accelerated online learning format requires 120 credit hours to complete.
Course requirements are listed under:

  1. The General Education Core.

    The General Education Core will provide the student with a comprehensive grasp of the general knowledge that is considered important for college graduates. It also provides the foundation that will be needed for graduate study. Coursework will integrate general studies and biblical concepts to aid in the student’s development of a biblical worldview.
    The Objectives of the Bible Core is to become acquainted with the philosophy, the religious ideas, and the problems of the contemporary world as the context of ministry; to integrate all truth with the Word of God and to develop a true Christian worldview; and, to demonstrate basic knowledge of general education that can be used in areas of life and study.

  2. The Bible Core.

    The purpose of the Bible Core is to give the student a comprehensive grasp of the structure, content, and teachings of the Bible as a basis for all other study. The truths studied will apply to the student’s personal life and provide a means for evaluating all other learning experiences. In addition to showing the student how to enter into a personal study of the Bible, the student is also introduced to some of the great and spiritually enriching studies of the biblical scholars of the past and present. The Bible is reverently treated as the divinely inspired Word of God.
    The Objectives of the Bible Core is to demonstrate a working knowledge of the Bible, its persons, places and events, its history, political and social background, and geography; and, to demonstrate a working knowledge of the great doctrines of the Bible, the great systems of doctrine, and the field of biblical theology.

  3. The Professional Core.

    The Professional Core section of each program includes the courses that will provide specific training for the student’s planned vocation. Each program provides a list of courses that make up the major and minor field of concentration.
    The Objectives of the Professional Core is to equip the student with skills necessary for a life of servant leadership; to acquaint the student with the methods and communication skills necessary to relate Biblical principles to contemporary professional; and, to help the student gain insight into the needs of people within particular area of anticipated vocation.

GU Bachelor Diploma Common Courses

Genesis University Bachelor Diploma programs offers academic common courses as those listed below:

  • Introduction to Online Learning;
  • Interpersonal Development;
  • Global Education;
  • Introduction to Bible;
  • Introduction to Gospel Survey;
  • Speech; Communication;
  • American Leadership;
  • Professional Leadership;
  • Character Education;
  • Moral Education;
  • Principles of Management;
  • Old Testament;
  • New; Testament;
  • Church History;
  • Homiletics;
  • Hermeneutics;
  • Systematic Theology;
  • Comparison of Religions; and,
  • Comprehensive Final Exam.