Benefits of online learning

High School student faces four subjects at the same time. This means that the student has CHOICE. The student can CHOOSE to be working on what he wants to.

The teacher can sit with the student and demonstrate expertise in at least two of the subjects. “Hey, you are an English teacher, but you know math?! Wow!”

There are usually two teachers in the room at the same time. A typical classroom has 45 computers, two teachers and about 25 to 45 students.

It’s easy to create projects, since the other teacher in the room usually has a different subject and the students want points in several courses. The project can be guided by the questions called “Learning Goals”.

Online learning is the beginning. In his blog, Dr. Abraham S. Fischler wrote in 2006 about the three parts (computer, projects and discussions). He once told me, “It’s a Model T Ford. It’s the beginning. They just need to add discussions and projects.”